Will my CAR.O.L bike arrive pre-assembled?

We deliver CAR.O.L bikes boxed as standard. We can pre-assemble your CAR.O.L bike for $150. Please ensure you select this option at checkout

Here's what to expect when we deliver your CAR.O.L pre-assembled:

  • 2-man delivery.
  • Your bike will arrive assembled and cleaned (no finger prints!).
  • Your bike will be wrapped in a moving blanket to protect the bike and your house interior.
  • Your bike may be manoeuvred throughout the house on a dolly.
  • The delivery men will take the bike anywhere in the house. Please do not hesitate to ask!
  • The delivery men will plug your bike into a power outlet to ensure it is working.
  • The courier will call you 2-3 days before the scheduled delivery date to arrange suitable time.
  • The courier will ask you about any COVID-19 related precautions they must follow before the scheduled delivery date.

Please note,

  • The delivery men will not connect your bike to WiFi. We have a 24/7 customer support line who can help you every step of the way.
  • The delivery men will not teach you how to use the bike. We have a wealth of online material that will show you exactly what to do!