How do I assemble and disassemble my CAR.O.L bike?

Assembling your CAR.O.L bike

Assembling your CAR.O.L bike is easy. It consists of only few steps and should take no more than 45 minutes. The CAR.O.L bike is heavy, so we recommend using two people to complete the assembly.

In short, you will need to:

1) Unbox your CAR.O.L bike. 

2) Attach the front and rear floor stabilisers using the screws and tools provided. We recommend using two people for this step; with one person lifting the bike frame while the other slides the stabilisers into position.

3) Slide the seat post into the frame and attach the saddle. 

4) Connect the console cables to the bike frame and then slide the console into the bike frame neck. Again, we recommend two people for this step; with one person holding the console as the second person attaches the console cables to the bike frame. 

5) Screw in the console to the bike frame neck with the bolts and tools provided.

6) Attach the pedals to the crank arms with the wrench provided.

You can download a copy of our self-assembly user guide here. 

You can also watch our video tutorial here

Would you like someone to assemble your CAR.O.L bike for you? Well, you can! Please contact a member of the CAR.O.L team for more information.

The CAR.O.L bike is heavy! Do not lift it by yourself. Two people should lift and manoeuvre the CAR.O.L bike during and after assembly.

How much does the CAR.O.L weigh?

The CAR.O.L bike, when assembled, weighs 140lb or 65KG.

What is the footprint of the bike when assembled?

The CAR.O.L is 56cm wide and 116cm long. That's approximately 2 by 4 feet. We recommend leaving an additional 56cm or 2 feet to one side of the CAR.O.L so that you can embark/disembark easily.

Is it difficult to move?

There are wheels on the front stabilisers. You can use these to manoeuvre the CAR.O.L bike. Please note, the rear of the bike is where most of the weight is. You would lift the CAR.O.L from the rear, so please take care when attempting to lift the CAR.O.L bike. 

The CAR.O.L has been designed to withstand consistent use for high intensity training. It is made from 140lb/65KG of commercial grade steel. It is heavy. Please do not attempt to carry the CAR.O.L bike up or down stairs on your own!

Is it easy to disassemble?

The CAR.O.L bike is as easy to disassemble as it is to assemble! We recommend disassembling the bike if you plan to transport it in your car (for example) or wish to relocate it.

Please take care when detaching the console, as the wire connections are delicate. We recommend using one person to lift the console out of the bike frame neck while another person detaches the cable connections safely. 


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